The Rehoming Centre

Primchurch Kennels cares for many dogs which are looking for new homes, including the Greyhounds of the Greyhound Trust. We care for them, love them and find them permanent loving homes. So if you’re looking for a dog, or due to circumstances need to rehome a dog, call Primchurch now!!


Find your perfect companion

These loving dogs are searching for new homes, people they can love and be loved in return. Can you offer a home to one of our wonderful dogs? A warm lap to sit on?  a place by your feet?
Greyhound – Milly
Greyhound – Lucy
Greyhound – Tyler
Greyhound – Parker (Reserved)
Greyhound – Button
Greyhound – Rupert
Greyhound – Desi
Greyhound – Boggy
Greyhound – Marty (Reserved)
more dogs to appear soon…