Meet Tiggy, racing name Group Audi, who is 4 yrs old (DOB 03/03/2017).  Tiggy is a very pretty little girl who is confident and happy.  She has come in to us from a home after her owners who adopted her straight from a trainer discovered she wasn’t too happy at home while they were at work.  She has been living with another greyhound who she got on well with, however with another juvenile dog in the house as well she was unable to settle. Tiggy has yet to be fully assessed but we know she is not cat friendly and may also need a little work socialising with small breeds of dog.  She loves people and is happy to have a fuss.  She enjoys her walks and travels well in the car.  Due to the working home she has come from we would like her to go to someone who is around for most of the day, where she will be happy with human company or another greyhound but won’t be left for long periods.  She has a playful side and likes to be a bit bossy with the boys so a laid back greyhound or in a home on her own should suit her.  She has lived in a home so is used to life on the sofa, however she has settled very happily back into kennels with us and seems to take most things in her stride.
If you would like to meet Tiggy,  please contact Lesley Rumney, Greyhound Trust Shropshire & Borders on 01939 234217 or 07903 979725, or email: shropshire@greyhoundtrust.org.uk

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