Greyhound – Boggy (Reserved)

Meet Boggy,  racing name is Bog Brae, hence his name!   He is a 5 yr old (12/10/2012), very handsome and unusually dark brindle boy, he also has a very distinguished roman nose, a white bib and some white on his paws.   He has only just finished a long and successful racing career and is now looking for a sofa of his own.   He is very friendly and loves attention once he gets to know you and has so far been uninterested in the other breeds of dog at the kennels.

If you would like to meet Boggy,  please contact Lesley Rumney, Greyhound Trust Shropshire & Borders on 01939 234217 or 07903 979725, or email:

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Here at Primchurch we take care of the retired greyhounds for Greyhound Trust Shropshire & Borders whilst they are looking for their new homes.